The Temple of Diana

Basic information

Rendez-vous is a national nature reserve No. 1450 east from the town of Valtice in the Břeclav County. The area is controlled by the PLA Administration Pálava.

The reason for the protection is that the forest vegetation of Pannonian thermophilic oaks on acid sands and Pannonian hornbeam-oak vegetation with a rich population of Turkey oak (Quercus cerris), short straw meadows with acidophilic dry grass and ephemeral and succulent, shallow pond with macrophyte vegetation of shallow dead waters, rare and threaten species of plants, fungi, and animals are included in their habitats. Since 2005 the reservation has been included in the system of protected areas Natura 2000 as a European important locality.

Location and accessibility

By car

3 min (2,7 km)

By bicycle

16 min (4 km)

On foot

1:05 h (4,1 km)

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