The Minaret in Lednice

Basic information

The Lednice Minaret is a romantic observation tower approximately 62 meters high. It is located in the Lednice chateau park, and it is a part of the Lednice-Valtice Area. It is the oldest preserved observation tower in Czech region and the only minaret in the Czech Republic. It is also the highest building of its type outside of Islamic countries.

The observation tower was built by Alois I. of Liechtenstein. It was built in 1797-1802 and costs reputedly reached one million guldens. Architect Joseph Hardmuth was also probably granted a huge sum. The construction was undertaken in complicated conditions on boggy soft subsoil, so grating and piles made of oak were used to fasten the basement. The tower was built in a Moresque style and even Arabic artists probably participated in its decoration.

The observation tower stands at an elevation of 175 m n. m above sea-level, and it is approximately 62 m high. It has three observation galleries. 302 stairs lead to the highest one. The observation tower can be reached on foot – 1. 5 km walk through the chateau park, or by boat along the chateau part of the river Dyje, or by horse team. In the one-story prism base with arcades, there are eight rooms with oriental decorations, which served as a museum of Liechtenstein´s exotic collections. In September 2003, this part of the minaret went through a reconstruction. Chateau Park, Pavlov hills, White Carpathian Mountains, and even the top of the Saint Stephen Cathedral in Vienna can be seen from the gallery. The eight publicly inaccessible halls on the first floor were originally used as the store of oriental items brought by the Liechtensteins from their journeys. The floors and walls of the rooms are decorated with Moresque drawings and writings.

Location and accessibility

By car

11 min (9,5 km)

By bicycle

48 min (12,9 km)

On foot

3:21 h (12,8 km)

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