Mikulov Chateau

Basic information

Mikulov Chateau is a baroque chateau located in close proximity to the Mikulov town centre in the Břeclav County. It stands on the rocky hill called Chateau Hill, and it creates one of the town’s viewpoints.  The Chateau premises serve as a permanent exposition of the Mikulov Regional Museum and occasionally as a site of such events as annual wine festival.

A Roman stone castle from the Přemyslid ages originally stood in the place of the Mikulov chateau. The castle passed into the possession of the Liechtenstein family and the reconstruction into gothic shape was started.

In 1560 the Liechtensteins sold the castle to Ladislav Kereczenyi, who started the reconstruction into a renaissance chateau. When the Dietrichstein family became the new owners of the castle in 1575, the wide reconstruction was continued. It culminated during the rule of Franz of Dietrichstein.

Location and accessibility

By car

13 min (12,8 km)

By bicycle

1:08 h (16,1 km)

On foot

4:52 h (17,5 km)

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