Jan´s Castle

Basic information

Jan´s Castle is a pseudo-Gothic imitation of castle ruins (according to contemporary romanticism manner) built in 1801–1808 for prince Jan I of Liechtenstein (he gave the castle its name “Janův hrad, Jan´s Castle”, Hansenburg, Johann(e)sburg, Janisburg in German). J. L. Hardtmuth, the architect and inventor of the pencil (he founded a pencil factory in Vienna in 1790), who had designed the nearby Minaret before, undertook the project.

Unstable subsoil of the flooded forest had to be stabilized by wooden timbers and later the building, made of stones brought from nearby hill fort of Pohansko, was erected on them. Architect tried to build a realistic imitation of a real castle took care of every detail, for example: three spiral oak staircases were made clockwise according to the habit in old castles.

Location and accessibility

By car

12 min (9,1 km)

By bicycle

45 min (12,1 km)

On foot

3:23 h (13 km)

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