Holly Hill in Mikulov

Basic information

The nature reserve Holly Hill was announced in 1946 with an area of 37. 2 hectares to protect Jurassic limestone klippe above Mikulov. Holly Hill is one of the Pavlov Hills with the height of 363 m above sea level. Together with the belfry and Saint Sebastian Chapel, it forms a significant landmark above Mikulov. The smaller Saint Rosalia Chapel and Saint Barbara Chapel are located behind these two landmarks. The God´s Grave Chapel vaulted with a cupola lies on the tourist track in following wood vegetation.

The area of Holly Hill served in the past as a pasture for livestock. The paradox is that after the termination of the pasture, some parts overgrew with non-original bushes and trees, which must be regularly cut. 

Location and accessibility

By car

13 min (12,5 km)

By bicycle

1:18 h (17,5 km)

On foot

4:45 h (16,5 km)

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