Břeclav-Poštorná Parish

Basic information

The foundation-stone of the church was put down 24th June, 1895, and the church was festively consecrated three years later on 3rd July, 1898, by Viennese bishop Dr. J. Schneider with participation of the complete princely Liechtenstein family. The church was built based on the instigation of the inhabitants and residents of Poštorná and Charvátská Nová Ves with support of the then ruling Prince Jan II of Liechtenstein under the leadership of architect Karl Weinbrenner. Weinbrenner chose the Viennese church of Virgin Mary the Triumphant by architect Friedrich Schmidt as a model. Material used for the construction of the church came from local ceramic factory (princely brickworks then) and they used 200 kinds of bricks, tiles, special brick shapes and glazed ceramic roofing. The construction of church itself was performed by Joseph Schmalzhofer´s Viennese company.

This church was a substitute for original church which was almost standing in the same place of today’s church. According to local parish chronicle, the original church was erected in 1339. At that time, Poštorná and Charvátská Nová Ves were a subsidiary parish of the Valtice church, and no priest resided there to take care of the Poštorná church. Mention of the parish comes as late as 1570, even when nearby Hlohovec belonged to the Poštorná parish. For some time, even priests of Poštorná also managed the church in Břeclav inspite of the fact that Poštorná belonged to Lower Austria till 1920 while Břeclav lay in Moravia. No larger reconstructions were performed on the old church, so it slowly became dilapidated and in the middle of the 19th century, after the boom of Poštorná, the church did not even suit the demands of the parish.

The main frontage of the Poštorná church faces to the Břeclav road. It caused the orientation of the chancel to an untraditional southwest direction. The statue of blessing Christ is located over the gateway. Its author is Josef Beyer.

Location and accessibility

By car

8 min (8,4 km)

By bicycle

38 min (10,5 km)

On foot

2:53 h (11,2 km)

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